Australia for kids

by Mark Benson on June 1, 2013

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Australia for kids

Australia for kids

While the idea of moving to Australia can be daunting for adults you may have a family you need to consider and life for kids in Australia. We will now take a look at the different elements of life in Australia and what it might mean for your children and your family as a whole.

The culture

We very often read about cultures around the world and in theory it is, in our minds, a good idea to experience different cultures, but many of us are frightened to do so. The idea of moving to the other end of the world is daunting, it is frightening but in the long run it can be a major benefit for your children going forward. The employment arena of today is also very different to that from when we were perhaps younger, with opportunities to travel around the world and experience a new way of life.

The culture of Australia is, in the words of the Australian government, “multicultural” and there are many different types of lifestyles and cultures to take in. Opening up your children to new experiences and new lifestyles, environments, etc can only be positive in the longer term.


When looking at education in Australia for children we perhaps need to look at two different areas, state education and private education. In many countries you will hear people complaining about state education and preferring to use private education, especially within the expat community. The situation in Australia is slightly different because the Australian government has invested an enormous amount of money in the education system over the years.

Quote from : “What suburb is the best place to live In the North of the River, Perth? Myself, Husband and my 2 children aged 6 and 3 are moving over next year. we would like to rent first then buy a house.”

The university system in Australia tends to grab the headlines but the reality is that state schools offer a very high quality of education. This is a country which has very different landscapes from state to state and has therefore been forced to incorporate the latest technology to deliver the best education to children around the country.

The private education sector in Australia is also well developed due to the fact that Australia attracts more than its fair share of expats and has done for many years. So, you have the opportunity to integrate your children into the local community via state schools or, if you have the finances, there is the possibility of making use of the private education sector which in many areas is perfectly attuned to the expat community.


Children are by their nature very curious and while we will all have seen various pictures of Australia, incorporating the wildlife and landscape, how many of us ever hoped we would experience these?

Cuddly koalas, playful kangaroos and a whole host of other wildlife certainly capture the eye when thinking about Australia and for those worried that their children will be “bored” this is unlikely to be the case. The climate, landscape and wildlife varies enormously between different areas of Australia and, if you are looking to move to Australia with a family, for some children this may offer the adventure of a lifetime!

Children do adapt

One major concern which many people seem to have is the ability of their children to adapt to a new environment and a new country. The reality is that children on the whole will adapt better than adults because in many cases there are fewer barriers to entry in their minds and they will literally continue where they left off in their former homeland. It may take some time for them to feel totally at ease with their new environment, they may stand out from the local children at first but the fact is that children do on the whole adapt much quicker than adults. You will be surprised!

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