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by Mark Benson on October 30, 2009

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Out on Australian highway!

Out on Australian highway!

One of the most popular locales frequented in the world is Australia. Many expats the world over have been attracted by the allure of the country and their number grows by the year. Though some have doubts as to moving to Australia doubts as to moving to Australia, the following are but some of the reasons why people have chosen Australia for their destination and move to Australia permanently.

The Weather

The weather is one of the prime attractions of Australia. Though not all the parts of Australia are filled with sunshine days, the diversity of the climates in Australia still makes it popular with expats and tourists. The country boasts of semi-arid deserts, alpine locales and tropical destinations spread throughout the island continent.  It is definite that you can find a location suited to your wants and needs.

The main reason though that Australia ranks high on the must go list are the beaches that ring the coastline. It is best that before packing your bags, you find out which part of Australia you would want to experience and learn about the basics of the locale you have chosen.

Etiquette in Australia

Etiquette and political correctness have become part of the cultural evolution of the world. It has become socially demanded that one observes the basic rules to respect others.

Unfortunately, Australia is one of the most politically incorrect and most irreverent countries in the world. This is due to the very developed concept of freedom of speech in the country. Many immigrants have been culture shocked at the level of criticism and respect the country has. Some revel in this kind of environment while others find this quite unnerving.

The Australian Economy

From an outsider’s point of view, you may see Australia as one of the emerging economic powers but this can be fully realized once you become an integral part of the country. The recent changes lifted Australia from its past isolationism and its current focus on the export commodity market has been a boom to its own fiscal development. There have been doubters, but the facts bear out the strength and stability of the Australian Economy.

This development has also been realized in the services sector of the economy. This sector of the Australian economy has since grown to make up 68 % of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. The other remaining parts of the GDP are filled in by tourism, education and the financial services sectors. The growing sectors have provided new opportunities for many Australian businesses to ride the crest of the vibrant economy. This was most evident during the most recent economic recession as the Australian economy remained as one of the few stable systems in the world. Though it had experienced some slowdown, all indicators have shown that the Australian economy is well on its way to full recovery and more.

The Australian Society

The irreverence of Australian society belies its overall tolerance to multiculturalism . There has been great tolerance amongst the many cultures and ethnic groups in the country. This is despite the fact that a vast majority of the 22 million populace is of European descent.

The 2006 census has identified the following groups living in the country:

  • Australian 37.13%
  • English 31.65%
  • Irish 9.08%
  • Scottish 7.56%
  • Italian 4.29%
  • German 4.09%
  • Chinese 3.37%
  • Greek 1.84%

The diversity of the population is a clear indication with its strong ties to Europe. The recent World Wars have paved the way to massive increases in the population but as of late, the Australian government has started to tighten the reins on immigration to Australia.

The Australian Landscape

This island continent provides a varied topography with differing climes across the country. There is the semi-arid desert with the Ayers Rock as its monument. There are pristine beaches with the Great Barrier Reef as its most famous attraction. There are also the metropolitan hubs of Sydney and Melbourne which are the centerpieces of the Australian cities. There are the temperate climes between these two differing landscapes that remain throughout the country.

Australia is in excess of 7, 600, 000 square kilometers and the area is dotted with large populated areas. The populated areas though remain small compared to the larger unpopulated areas of the country. This is the world’s smallest continent but the sixth largest country in the world. It is home to 34,000 kilometers of coastline and an exclusive economic zone of over eight million square kilometers. The varied landscapes only showcase the enormity of the country and the ample space available to all to live in the country.

Living and Working in Australia

The economy of Australia is still growing and the increase has been at par with many European and North American counterparts. This has resulted in favorable experiences with the immigrants and expats into the country. The greatest factor affecting the economy though is the exchange rate as a vast number of products need be imported into the country from beyond its borders. The fluctuating rates can cause price changes over time.

The Australian economy has grown 4.3% in the last year and has changed on the average of nearly 4% in the last decade and a half. The world average growth of economies is pegged at 2.5% and this has garnered attention from many foreign visitors and investors. In fact, the gross domestic product of Australia was higher than the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France before the onset of the world financial crisis in 2008.

Currently, the Australian employment levels have enjoyed low unemployment rates and inflation is very much under control. This is due to the firm fiscal controls instituted by the Australian Federal Government to help the economy overcome the current worldwide financial downturn. This has in turn provided a surplus of jobs in many areas of the country, allowing for an easy transition for immigrants and other overseas workers into Australia.

Sports in Australia

One of the highlights of the Australian way of life is its great passion for sports. There is football (soccer), Australian Rules football, cricket, Formula One and tennis that have large followings throughout the country. The growing leisure and tourist industry of the country has required activities to meet the demand and thus holding many sporting events has been the response to this clamor.

The highlight of the sporting passion in Australia is the cricket Ashes series which showcase the best of Australian cricket against their English counterparts.  Over the years, there have been many memorable battles between these two countries on the pitch.

The Lifestyle in Australia

The common idea is that the Australian lifestyle is laid back and relaxed compared to other developed countries. This is the truth as it is part of the daily grind to have a pint or two in a nearby pub near the end of the day. This is but a way for Australians to relax after a long day with the nose to the grindstone.

This laid back lifestyle has been very helpful in attracting many revelers and tourists to the country. The fact that the Australians are perceived to not to take themselves too seriously has the effect of attracting expats to settle down in the land Down Under. The only one can really find out the truth to this is by immigrating to Australia and live the life the Australian way.

The Politics of Australia

One of the considerations when moving to another country is the political stability of the nation you choose to immigrate to. The strength of the Australian economy is the clear testament to the stability of Australian politics . This has made Australia a favorable destination for immigrants, tourists and expats alike.

The future looks bright for Australia, as the current government has made it clear that the current direction being taken will not be diverged from. This is clearly the answer that Australia has given to the challenges and issues that may come and will come in the near future.

The History of Australia

Australia has a long and well-connected past to the United Kingdom. Officially, the Queen is still the official head of Australia and the future still remains intertwined between the two nations.

Another aspect of Australian history, albeit just recently being recognized, is the role that the aborigines have played in the development of this island continent. Whereas in the beginning there were very poor ethnic relations between the native Australians and the white settlers, the times have changed and now there is greater harmony and interaction between the two ethnically diverse cultures in Australia.


Australia is in a word diverse; it has many varied landscapes, differing climates, assorted living standards and thus many experiences. The close connection by and between the British and Australian population has all the more strengthened with the influx of expats and tourists from the United Kingdom. There are many differences though between living in Australia and living in the United Kingdom, but these differences are only few compared to the lifestyle between the two nations.

The Australian economy is still in its growth and development and it has proven to be far better and stronger compared to some others in the world. The recent figures have indicated that its economy has been galloping from the recession at a much faster rate, making it an ideal destination for those seeking greener and better pastures.

Though Australia has been epitomized as a laid back beach bum existence, this has proven to be a blessing as tourism becomes one of the forefront industries in the country. The influx of tourists and expats has altered the economics and the livelihoods of the areas where they congregate and settle. All in all, Australia’s tolerance and irreverence, coupled with its sensible immigration and economic policies has made the economy one of the most envied in the world.

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