Job availability rises in all states and territories in Australia

by Ray Clancy on March 20, 2017

in Jobs in Australia

The number of jobs on offer in Australia has increased across all states and territories with South Australia seeing the biggest jump in employment adverts, the latest figures show.

Overall new job adverts on SEEK rose 8% in February compared to the same month last year with trades and services, which are big source of employment for overseas workers, seeing an uplift.

Michael Ilczynski, managing director for SEEK Australia and New Zealand, said the growth was fuelled by continued growth in South Australia and Victoria as well as the recovery of advertising in Queensland and Western Australia.

South Australia recorded the largest jump in job advertising, up 21% year on year, followed by a rise of 10% in Victoria while Queensland saw a rise of 9.3% and Western Australia up 7.5%, the latter two being the states previously hardest hit by the mining downturn.

Across Queensland and Western Australia the industry offering the most job opportunities was trades and services with the most jobs available for auto mechanics, electricians, fitters, turners, machinists and labourers.

The figures also show that job adverts in New South Wales increased by 5.7% year on year, were up by 9.9% in the Australian Capital Territory, by 4.9% in the Northern Territory and by 4.8% in Tasmania.

At a national level, the mining, resources and energy industry enjoyed the greatest job ad growth of all industries across Australia, up 66% year on year and in Western Australia and Queensland, the largest mining states, jobs in these industries were up by 57% and 69% respectively.

‘The sustained hiring trend we’re seeing at present is a demand for multi-skilled mining professionals that also possess softer skills such as team leadership and communication. Hirers are looking for people that fulfil duties beyond the specific job requirements,’ said Ilczynski.

Nationally there has been a year on year increase of 3.6% in the SEEK Employment Index this February, which points to favourable conditions for job seekers as there is slightly less applications, for each role.

However, underneath this national figure there is a clear difference in candidate availability at a state and territory level. According to Ilczynski it was a hirer’s market in New South Wales, the ACT and the Northern Territory. ‘For each job advertised there was a higher than average number of candidates applying, creating more competition for job seekers but providing hirers with a larger pool of candidates to choose from,’ he explained.

Jobs for human resources and recruitment increased by 5% in February compared to 12 months earlier. Ilczynski pointed out that employers are looking for multi-skilled practitioners to take part in the full spectrum of HR activities across a business, including recruitment, employee relations issues, coaching, leadership development and change management.

He believes that Australian businesses are looking to take on more employees, which is reflected in the rising job advert volume. The greatest number of job opportunities for the HR sector were in New South Wales despite adverts falling overall in the state by 4% year on year.

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