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Originally Posted by rhirhi View Post
Those 'stimulus' packages were the beginning of our now out of control debt. Survey's also showed no body spent them because they were too scared after the financial crisis so they never actually 'saved' Australia from going into recession.

It just frustrates me that people base their vote on the leader of a given vote for the party itself and it's policies....not it's leader.....the leader cannot make the decisions for the country alone.

John howard spent 7 out of his 11 years in office paying off labors last debt and god know how long it would take to clean up their latest mess.

I don't like labor and there's no way i'll vote for them but at least now they want to abolish the carbon tax (despite going on about how good it was for the last three years) so at least if they do manage to get in we aren't completely sunk.
We missed out on a recession by just 0.02%......cost of $40b......

Paying it off for the next decade or more......

From the Kingdom of Cambodia to Australia.......