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Originally Posted by Editor View Post
The recent history of the Australian Labor Party has been dominated by infighting, arguments and confusion. After a number of attempts to oust former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd has finally made it back to leader of the Labor Party and Prime Minister of Australia. The speed at which the leadership battle emerged and [...]

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Please come back to discuss the story here in this thread.
How many people are disillusioned with Labour and what has happened the last 5 years....

"Spot the Labour Supporter" is the new one wants to clearly identify with Labour.

That is why the Labour party insiders brought back Kevin....they are desperate!

Better a small retreat than a major defeat......???

One failed leader replaced by another failed doomed to failure.

Kevin has not changed.....he is never going to be a true leader.....

Just a great talker (like the diplomat that he really is - ex-foreign minister)

Poor fellow, my country - we need a strong stable vote wisely next election.

From the Kingdom of Cambodia to Australia.......