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That just proves my point though, genuine refugees will stop and stay in the safest nearest country they can get too. But these boat people are not genuine. They throw away their passports they bypass 10 safe countries to get here and then blackmail and abuse once they reach the detention centre. And what genuine refugee has 10k to pay per person to get on a boat? I don't have a problem with genuine refugees but these people are just queue jumpers. 4.5 years and I am still fighting with immigration 20k in legals at least that in airfares x 20 trips it would have been a dam quicker option for us to get on a boat and certainly cheaper. And now that we are finally getting closer we are held up because asios security checks are delayed cause they are too busy processing boat people. I have a client who works t diac Brisbane and flies up to Christmas Island regularly to process these so called refugees and its just lies. so this is not just newspaper gossip this is straight from diac

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