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Originally Posted by cazann View Post
Hi all,

I am new to the site and have for many years wanted to migrate from the UK to Australia. I have just had a new baby but am hoping to undertake my masters in social work in the near future and in a few years plan to attempt to migrate.

However my partner prefers the idea of New zealand! I was just wondering if anyone had a good or extensive knowledge of both countries and could give me a brief outline of the good and bad points in relation to each other, i.e, cost of living, lifestyle, work opportunities etc?

Any info would be good to help with the decision, many thanks
I would love to hear any advice on New Zealand as well! My friend Stacey and I are thinking of moving from Australia to New Zealand (our visa will be up) for just under a year. I hear nothing but amazing things about New Zealand and a lot of people have actually told me that it is even more beautiful then Oz.....if that is even possible!!!

The downside to NZ might only be the colder weather....supposedly their summers don't get that hot....mid 20s I hear...

Another attractive factor of NZ to me is that it is supposedly A LOT cheaper then Australia....which I don't think would be that hard as we have found Oz to be extremely expensive.

Any advice from others who have been to NZ would be appreciated