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Applying for 820 Partner Visa, advice needed please

Hi all

I'm currently in the middle of applying for my 820 visa and looking through this forum has been a huge help! While I'm not too worried about finding evidence to support the social context of the relationship, I'm a bit more concerned with evidence regarding financial aspects and nature of the household.

My partner (Australian PR) and I have been together for over 2 years now, but officially living together for about 11 months. We are planning to register our relationship with in NSW. However, my name is not on the rental lease. Reason being, at the time he had a full time job and income, while I was still a full time student in university. We thought it would make things easier to just have his name and provide all his proof of income to the agent to secure the house. For the same reason we also only put his name down for both electricity and gas. However, I do have a letter from the real estate agent stating that we did view the apartment together, and that I have been an occupant there from the very start. But I'm not sure if this is sufficient?

We have been sharing the rent (minus what our housemates pay) and I do have records of the transactions in my bank statement, however it is not consistent, as some weeks if I pay for an expensive meal or for a particularly large grocery bill my partner just tells me to skip a week's rent. Also with all the costs of applying for a partner visa now, my partner has taken on my share of the rent as well so that I can save for the application fee and other costs. Is this a problem or can I explain this somehow to immigration? A lot of this is simply because he is 11 years older and has a stable job whereas I am still a student with only casual employment sometimes.

We have just recently opened a joint bank account (1 mth ago) and are currently using it to pay for groceries.

We don't have joint ownership of anything (don't own a car/he owns a property but with his brother and his name on it)

I'm getting a little worried seeing how much evidence and proof other applications have, I'm not sure if ours is substantial enough. Does anyone have any advice on anything else I can do to make a stronger case? Thanks in advance