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Originally Posted by nix View Post
Thanks everyone for the advice/comments! It's made me feel a lot better and slightly more confident about the application. We're in the middle of writing out our statements about the history of our relationship at the moment. Should we include all these explanations with bits of evidence in these statements? Or in a separate statement (e.g. one for financial aspects, one for nature of the household).

Also, how should we present email correspondence in our application (how do we get emails certified?) Do we just print them out, or are screenshots better?
Hi, for our 820 application we wrote separate statements addressing each element of the "genuine and continuing relationship" requirement on page 39 of the immigration booklet.

We provided:
* A personal statement each regarding the "History of Relationship", using headings to address how/when/where we met, how the relationship developed etc. I included a timeline with my personal statement, my partner didn't.

* Joint statement regarding financial aspects, including a short summary of the evidence provided to address this aspect
* Joint statement regarding nature of household, including summary of evidence
* Joint statement regarding social context, including summary of evidence;
* Joint statement regarding nature of commitment, including summary of evidence.

Our personal statements were about 3 pages long and progressed through our relationship in detail. They touched on financial/social/nature of household/commitment aspects as well, but we ultimately thought it would be helpful to have separate (brief) statements addressing those facets of the relationship directly.

We have only just submitted our application so I can't say whether our way is better/ or as effective as any other, but that's what we felt comfortable with.
Applied for 820: 23 July 2013 (Onshore in Sydney, low risk country, decision-ready, with medicals and police checks)
820 granted: 11 September 2014