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Hi Mark,

I am currently on a 457 visa. I am trying to apply for the ENS 186 visa Direct Entry Stream. My nominated position is ICT Business Development Manager and VETASSESS is the assessing authority. I understand a job reference letter from my previous employer(s) is required.
I would greatly appreciate if you could answer some of these questions:

1. Is there a standard format or sample I can use for the the reference letter?

2. My manager at my previous employer has left the company. What should I do? Do I get a letter signed by the company (HR dept) or by my ex-manager? Or both?

3. Where and how do I get the reference letter certified? In the country of my previous employer or in Australia?

4. My previous job in the last 5 years was also Business Development Manager but in the legal industry (not ICT). The job descriptions and functions of my previous job versus my current job are the same (the job reference letter can reflect that). The only difference is it was in a different industry. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and 5+ years ICT experience on my CV from 12 years ago. Based on this, do you think VETASSESS can accept it and give a positive skill assessment?

5. Should I try VETASSESS' Advisory Service to get their feedback first or should I just go ahead and apply for the Skill Assessment?

6. Do I also need to submit a job reference letter from my current employer in Australia (I just started working for them)?

Many thanks.