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Originally Posted by Stephyj1986 View Post
Hi there,
I'm on a 457 visa, my sponsor company has broken their sponsor obligations in many ways. Here's a brief run down on how...
1. They have been deducting the cost for the nomination fees, and $5000 migration lawyer fees from my paycheck.
2. They have gone into administration and not yet reported this to Immi.
3. The company has not payed my superannuation for over a year.
4. The franchise the company works under has been purchased by another company, in the transfer they have neglected to sort out transfering my visa, so I have not been payed. They say I will be paid next Monday
Now I don't know what to do. I am quitting my job as am over been messed around. I have called immi and they say I should report the company to the Sponsor monitoring centre. This would be good for me as I think it might at least sort out some of my issues, possibly help me get my money back and possibly help speed up my existing application for my 820 visa. Possibly.
Anyway I am wondering if anyone has had an experience where they have reported their sponsor for breaking obligations? What happens?
Many thanks.
I do not know what happens when you report a sponsor company.....except they will have a harder time sponsoring in the future.
If an administrator has been appointed then I suspect the company does not have money to sponsor.

YOU need to make sure that you have all records of any pay deductions for 457 visa costs....
YOU need to make a big noise with the appointed administrator about your unpaid superannuation, visa fee deductions and current salary payments....(why have you not done anything about super payments for a year??)
YOU need to make sure you have a job and visa sponsorship with the new company so you can maintain your lifestyle.....relying on the 820 visa to get issued will not directly help you in the short term.
YOU need to get proof and submit this to the administrator so they know (for sure) you are owed money. could miss out entirely......

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