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Originally Posted by bubbles View Post
Hi Alexandru ....Hope you love Australia, if you are in good old South Australia you'll enjoy the extreme of up to 44 degree, I can cope but many can't. In winter it can get down quite low on the worst night about 8 degree on the worst day 12 degree but that is rare. ( I cant cope if it is under 28 degree). You'll work it out. Have fun
SA can in deed get very hot bubbles and then quite cold as you say, especially up in the Adelaide Hills that can have severe frosts.

Whether or not you believe about Carbon Dioxide levels causing global warming, the alternative theory being that the earths orbital and rotational axis variations gives the planet long Ice Ages [100,000+ years] and then a warmer period of 15,000 - 20,000 years in between each Ice Age [and we are nearing the end of the latest warm period] Australia is even likely to have hotter weather in an Ice Age because it is the axis tilt thta givs NH winters while we have the summers and as the tilt varies for a worse NH winter [the Ice Age], come summer the variation will have SH closer to the sun and much hotter.

Meanwhile we have politicians being fed garbage who just pass it on.