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Hi Aussie Vic., [or as the Welshies would say - Mex., being SOTB]
Good run down on the weather and the warmer times will likely get warmer still as we near the next NH Ice Age [ tilt of the globes axis and orbital variations].

Tasmania even looking good Ron next to NI.

Meanwhile, for Melbourne/Tassie, the saying goes that if you don't like the weather, hang about 5 mins. for a change! [sometimes longer and then not always what you want, like with bushfire wind changes, not that you want any wind at all]

On the WHV Ron , a good move and only downside possible would be if you were working outside of your trade for more than 12 months, there being a recent experience requirement of 12 months in 24 on skilled immigration and some trade assessments.

Probably a greater up side though in that if you find work in the trade you might be able to get an employer who is prepared to go the employer sponsored 457 visa route for you and that can lead to permanent residency.
Visa Options - Employer Sponsored Workers - Workers - Visas & Immigration
Other than NSW, no licensing required - Panel Beater 4213-11 - Australian Skills Recognition Information
Still pay to get trade accredited and possibly easier out here - Trades Recognition Australia - Home

So if you want to see something of Oz. to begin with and have a few $$$ you might want to work on a plan of travelling and maybe casual regional work or WWOOF Australia just to get you three months up so you could be eligible for a second WHV for maimum flexibility.
Then after six months or so you may score a panel beaters job that could lead to employer sponsorship or with the second WHV possible you could try a few employers.

Employer Sponsorship is currently the way to go for most trades too as putting in an independent application could see you waiting a few years.

More info in our Visas & Immigration and Travel sections

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