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Originally Posted by louiseb View Post
i used an agent for my application for the PMV ok it was granted, so here is my dilemma, the agent required all the original documents including my old passport , birth and death certificates , adoption papers from myself, now i have contacted them to ask for these to be returned and he refuses to answer my calls and emails, he sent me copies of the documentation but not the original papers. I need these to apply for the 2nd stage and without them it is going to cost me an arm and a leg to obtain them, some of them i cannot even obtain. What do i do, i am really in a pickle on this one guys any help. Also adding to the stress is i need to apply for the 2nd stage within a couple of months. Thanks guys i really need advice on this

Is he a registered agent, I think what I mean by that is he a agent registered and licensed with the migration dept, if he is and I'm hoping he is you have two options , one is to threaten him with reporting him to the the migration dept and see if that shifts his a*se into gear, second is to report his actions and see if that gets the results, the other is to threaten him with legal action, advise him by e mail that he is retaining your property after you have requested its return and that unless he returns it you will instruct a lawyer to recover it and recover the costs associated, a bit of a bluff but if he still does not respond you may have to do that.
Also the same applies to his failure to do both applications at the same time, it sounds like he's trying to milk you, there are a lot of unscrupulous people in this game and you should deal with 'migration dept' registered firms, if he's not you may need to use a lawyer to find out if he should have done it at the same time, try talking to immigration, they can be helpful sometimes or go to the local office to see what they advise.
I would suggest first of all though, just so that you have a record, that you send an e mail demanding the return of your property to you as he does not need the documents for any further action on your behalf and advising him that this is final request before taking other steps to recover your property and give him 24 hours to respond to you.
I wouldn't wait the 24hrs before starting some of the other steps I've suggested tho
I would talk to immigration tho just so that they know about the guys performance and can either act or advise you

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