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Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
Hey guys,

So we're getting prepped to sort out the paperwork for the 801. Our eligibility date is June 2016 so we should have gotten the famous e-mail asking us to apply but there's nothing in my inbox and nothing in the spam filter. So maybe you knowledgeable people know, do they sent that e-mail asking you to apply excactly 2 months prior to eligibility? Or are they so busy with the backlog they might have changed something? Checked in my immi account - I can log in and start the application for stage 2 anyways so I guess it don't really matter I'm just curious

You don't have to wait for the email - some of them turn up late, one guy on here claims his never turned up at all so he never did anything about the application.
The system may not let you submit before the eligibility date, but once you hit that, go for it and get the application in, email or not!