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Unhappy Charged with any offence that is currently awaiting legal action

Hi,my case is complicated but I will try to explain.In Jan 2016 my twin brother apply for student visa Subclass 573 student visa ,but on 15 Feb he received a mailed from immigration that he may fail to satisfy PIC 4020(1) because "stated “No” at Question 93, of your visa application form 157A especially the ones that state : “ Have you or any member of your family unit included in this application ever – been charged with any offence that is currently awaiting legal action” and/or “been convicted of an offence in any country ( including any conviction which is now removed from official records )?”"

and we were in shock what happened there then we recall that my elder brother(Australia citizen) have divorce case in which his wife put a false allegation in our family which was almost ready to settle in Feb.We belive that we that case was over on 4th January when divorce was granted by lower court but according to Indian court the last third hearing should be in high court then FIR against family will be removed and that high court date was 24th Feb

So,we know that we done a huge mistake by not reading the question properly,then we successfully withdraw the file from embassy.

Now this was passed now currently ,unfortunately that case was not completed on 24th Feb the judge gave a date of 14 July 2016.Now I am going to apply for student visa in may or June for August intake ,we are trying over best to solve this case in May itself by going to supreme court ,but if by luck we are not going to solve this in May it going to solve in 14July in high court

So,I just want to know if my case(FIR) was removed so still can I apply for visa by ticking YES? and giving all required document or I have to wait till FIR will be removed

please help me