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Moving Overseas Whilst Waiting on a Decision Permanent Partner Visa Assess. (100,801)

Hi All,

Apologies if this question has been asked, I have read a few questions regarding this but want to be sure I am doing the correct thing.

So, partner (sponsor) and I are planning to move back to good auld Ireland at the end of the year to live permanently (or until our hearts are content).

We have just applied for the second stage of our partner visa, the PERMANENT decision.

Are we allowed to be over there while a decision is made about the permanent visa, and when it is granted can we be in Ireland? What do we need to do before we go?

Thank-you, I would be nowhere without this forum!

P.S – Has anyone on here gotten the Irish de-facto visa, any tips or tricks of the trade? My partner emailed the INIS and they told her that she can’t be over there without a visa while she waits on a decision, that she needs to sort work out and get a working visa. For 2 days she was worried that she’d never be able to come over. The ladies in the office rudely told her she can’t just expect to come over and live off me and benefits, that they are really generous that they don’t charge $5000 for a visa (yes, we know, we paid for it) and that the states don’t even have a visa of sorts for de-facto. She was very upset, so after 2 stressful days trying to figure out how she was going to come over, she called up a visa office and the man told her that she did not have to have a visa just to apply for the de-facto, that she can rock up at the airport, and because she’s Aussie she gets 3 months on a visitor visa to apply for the de-facto. The INIS office must have forgotten to mention that part…. So if anyone is getting an Irish De-Facto visa, I would avoid contacting the INIS office if you have any questions they could regard as silly. They will just upset you and treat you like a criminal who is trying to enter the country latched onto an Irish citizen for free benefits.