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Why so long

There are often posts on the forum asking how long will visa application processing take or why is it taking so long.

In an attempt to cast some light as to the processing situations, I'll list a few points.

. First the Client Service Charter and that is a broad guide which mentions many different factors that can cause variations, the times given also being based on historical data and the Immigration scene will vary year to year.

. Offshore family visas, though in some cases being quite quick to be processed, will also have significant variations based on locations, their staffing issues and workloads amongst other factors.

. The skilled visas applications going to Immigration in Australia are subject to prioritisation in processing and a capping on total numbers and that'll obviously have a significant impact, it being recently announced that the Immigration department is curtailing the applications of many older lower priority applications.

. The rate of processing in general can also be affected by various revisions and changes taking place with immigration regulations and the global financial crisis has been a factor in driving that and staff will no doubt have to become familiar with new regulations as they are being prepared for introduction, that affecting staffing availability.

. It would be great if applications were all uniformly presented, there being hundreds of thousands of visa applications annually and thousands of applications are rejected through incomplete or incorrect applications.
Variations in applications also affect the ammount of time immigration officers will spend on applications, thus it is in everyone's interest to follow the guidelines given in the Immigration site Checklists and Booklets.

Finally, though some idea may be attained from having a read of completed posts on the Visa Timeline threads, do remember that there'll still be variations.

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