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Originally Posted by Lyra View Post
Joining in on the waiting fun; application was lodged 5 October! Good luck to everyone else also waiting.
Me too, Lyra! Will be interesting to see if we get grants on the same day or not.

I have officially uploaded a total of 65 uploads, between mine, my partner's and my two children's sections on the application. I did some duplicates, so the actual upload should have been about 45-50. But I included everything I can think of. Invites, facebook pages and photos, bank statements, joint utilities, joint lease, joint wills, partner's super statement, stat decs, letters, and all of the identity stuff. The only thing I haven't added are our joint itineraries/plane boarding passes from our two trips, which I have to finish putting together in a pdf then I'll submit those. There are more in the list of what I've uploaded, but that's the gist of it. Phew! That was about a month's worth of work, putting it all together and then finally uploading. I can't imagine trying to do a paper lodging!

Now it's time to settle in for the long wait. How did you all handle it without obsessing over it every day? LOL!

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Applied for 820: 5 Oct 16
Submitted FBI Checks: 27 Jan 17
Submitted Medicals: 12 Apr 17
CO contact: 18 Apr 2017 Request AFP checks & Form 80
Submitted Requested Docs: 1 May 17
820 Visa Grant: 4 May 17
Applied for 801: 8 Sept 18
CO contact: 26 Apr 19 (call & email/son's State PC)
801 Visa Grant: 13 Sep 2019

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