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Hi Littleone! Yes, it is stressful! And I hear you about it all seeming disorganized. That is why I did do a couple of duplicate uploads, to make sure I had things in the correct sections and covered every one of the categories. With 2 children, that gives both of us an extra 120 upload spaces. I'm not sure if it does hold it up, having children involved. As long as they have all of the paperwork (form 1229, custody paperwork, birth certificates), I don't see how it would slow it down. Unless they are doing checks for that. Most applications are taking between 12-15 months...with the average seeming to be about 13 from low risk. So, you're still in that window. I know I'll probably be the same as you, worrying about it a year from now. But, as long as you provided enough evidence to prove the continuing, ongoing relationship, you'll be fine. Have you continued to gather evidence? You can always upload more evidences over the past year. I have heard that they sometimes do ask for more to show that the relationship is still going strong, particularly with how long they take now to do the 820s. If it makes you feel better, you could always add some more and put them in the appropriate categories. Then, at least, you'll feel a bit better and can give more information. Have you been asked for medicals? PCCs? I'm getting ready to send off for my FBI check. But waiting a few months for the medicals.

Hang in there! At least you're getting to the end of your wait. I'm sure you'll hear something soon.

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Applied for 820: 5 Oct 16
Submitted FBI Checks: 27 Jan 17
Submitted Medicals: 12 Apr 17
CO contact: 18 Apr 2017 Request AFP checks & Form 80
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Applied for 801: 8 Sept 18
CO contact: 26 Apr 19 (call & email/son's State PC)
801 Visa Grant: 13 Sep 2019

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