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Originally Posted by Rachel Emma View Post
Im wondering whether anyone could help me,

My husband has successfully gained sponsorship for NSW, but a problem has come to light in regards to the nominated occupation, this being the wrong one for the correct asco code that we have been given by Engineers Australia, we have apologised to Diac and NSW on the 22nd april for any problems we have caused for this, and are awaiting the outcome of this error to the visa application,

The error was mechanical engineer. We should have put Building Services Engineer.

We have the correct Asco code but not the correct nominated occupation.

What do you think will happen to our visa application? Do you think they will reject it because of this error? Or do you think they will let us change it to that of Building Services Engineer ?

If anyone can offer any advise on this matter i will be forever if your debt, we are still waiting to hear back from NSW/Diac in regards to this matter, but it would be lovely to hear what you think out there!!!!!

Depending on when your application was in with DIAC, all that may have happened so far would be the receipt of the application being registered and so any follow-up documentation will just go to the file without anyone really looking at it, hence no comment back from DIAC as yet.

I would expect that given you have used the correct ASCO code and have your assessment documentation from the IEA which I assume showed the classification of BSE, there should not be a problem.
Unless, if the state of NSW have issued their sponsorship for Mechanical Engineering as against BSE because they have not read the application correctly with the right ASCO code quoted and IEA assessment.
States may be more liable to do that than DIAC for they have never really had a set-up similar to DIAC and no doubt have had people concentrating on State Migration Plans to be developed for the new immigration regulations.

So in some sense it's really hard to comment on what DIAC may do if there is fall out from NSW, ie does their sponsorship nominate your hub as a Mechanical Engineer or a BSE?
If it is the latter, DIAC when they get around to assessing should not have a problem - it is only really when people put in an application and then decide they would like to change their application to a different occupation that they cannot, whereas yours is more like a typo!

If NSW have issued a sponsorship based on occupation being Mechanical Engineer, it is possible that their sponsorship could be considered void and especially if BSE is not on their sponsorship list.

I'd expect you'll hear back from NSW earlier than DIAC and so at least you'll have a better idea of where you may stand with DIAC re either being sponsored or not.

Hearing from DIAC may take considerably longer as no assessment of it for some time is also quite likely because of the new regulations being introduced.

One way or another, new Immi regs are going to make the immigration application process quite possibly somewhat slower for many aspiring emigrants and you might well want to be researching the employment vacancies situation and considering an employer sponsorship for your move to Australia.
An employer sponsor permanent residency visa can be fee free if one already has a 175/176 application submitted and so that could be a bonus for you both ways in having potential to get you to Australia quicker [ already having a job which is no small benefit either ] and the chance for any uncertainty over your 176 application beoming irrelevant.