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461 Visa - Share your story!

Hi Everyone

My partner and I are soon going to lodge our application- were just getting the last few pieces of evidence finalised.

I have a few queries-

Relationship statement...How much did you write? mine is about 3 pages long already- not sure how lovey-dovey to go? Is it best to explain every step of the past 2 years we spent together?

Rental lease evidence- we live in shared accom and we got a hand-made 'lease' agreement (were subletting off a tenant who has moved out) Which we have signed and so has our sub-lettor and our housemate, Is this enough or should we complete the real form which has been made-


Also what kind of evidence are you all providing.
We lived in our van for the past 6 months so we didnt have any set address for this period which were sightly worried about as on the Visa form you need to write your residental history without gaps... what would we put? we lived on the road at rest areas or just in the bush!!!

Any help is greatly appreciated.