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Originally Posted by nighstar View Post
To follow up on this thread:

I ended up not being patient enough to wait for payday having found out that even credit card limits can serve as proof of funds. As my credit card statement is in English, I went ahead and applied for a Work and Holiday Visa online and was approved. INSTANTLY. I didn't even have a chance to attach ANY documents and wasn't (as of yet) even notified via email about the approval, I found out from trying to attach documents and getting a message that said I could no longer do so as a decision on my application had already be made. After that I checked the status of my application and it said "Applicant Approved".

This isn't to say that this will be the case for anyone else who applies online, but that's how it turned out for me and it seems like I was stressing a lot over nothing.
That's good news nighstar and I hadn't replied myself thinking there may have been someone around who had done the US one for reading of it at times, there does seem to be more requirements than the 417 WHV for which credit card limits/balances have often been used.
Seems as though the US one is going to be as open as the 417 and quite likely you'll also find that getting through immigration will be a breeze for you.

Hope you enjoy Australia, and good to get the feedback too.

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