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Questions in view of new immigration laws

The new changes in immigration laws are likely to favour job-ready candidates in the form of employer sponsorship and state nomination.

Lets have a look at my current situation:

1. My ACS is currently being processed

2. IELTS done with score of 7 in each module

3. I already have 1 yr+ of australian work experience

4. I am currently under a 457 sponsorship visa

I am just waiting for the ACS feedback to be able to apply for permanent residency. lets suppose, I get my ACS after the new SOL is out and applicable (july) and my occupation is not on it ( computing tester), and i dont want to go for the ENS, would i still be eligible for permanent residency given the fact i already have a job, been working in that field for 4yrs+, with relevant IT degree)....i surely fall under the skilled potential migrants that already have a job..... or will the new law clearly specify ENS or any other form of sponsorship...

please advise