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Originally Posted by Raveesh View Post
Hi Susan

I am just wondering under which Skilled Occupation List (SOL) does 'Medical Transcription' fall under?

As this profession can't be found anywhere in the SOL, does it mean that there is no assessing authority in Australia which can do the skills assessment for Medical Transcription? If yes, which is the Assessing Authority which I need to address to ?

Thanks and regards

It is not on the SOL because it is not considered a skilled occupation for immigration and thus no assessment and no immigration.

If by Medical transcripter you mean someone who types up a medical report from a Doctors audio delivery, here in Australia the people who do that have usually just developed their skills from working in medical practices.

There may now be some short courses that people can do but nothing that'll lead to a qualification to warrant it ever being considered at a SOL level.