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Originally Posted by Rachel Emma View Post
I just thought id fill you in on what has happened since I first asked for your advice,

We received a reply from Diac today and they are letting my husband change his Nominated Occupion from Mechanical Engineer, to that of Building and Engineering Professional nec 2129-79, Im told this is the 2nd edition of Asco Code relating to that of Building Services Engineer 2129-79.

Ive got to point out that both Diac And NSW have been wonderful in responding to my husbands dilemma, I do believe it goes along way to apologies and try to correct mistakes as soon as you come across them, and also if in doubt that you have not been able to get the correct information across dont be afraid to keep trying;p

Im in no way implying you should bug them to death But do try and give all correct wording and also mention CO names and any other contact you may of had with anyone in regards to your visa application from the get go.

This will no doubt help you.

We will be preparing the form needed to correct this information and and send it via the correct route by friday at the latest

Thank you for all your help!!!!!!!

That's a good outcome Rachel and it is often as you say all about good and prompt communication.
DIAC do get a bit of flack from some quarters and especially so more in recent years with changes they have made and are on the way but for a system that is dealing with a few hundred applications annually, it does still work fairly well and I have always found their staff friendly and as helpful as possible, even if some prodding is occasionally necessary.

Thanks for feedback to the forum too, more good communication!