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moving to australia

hello everyone,

we are thinking to move to australia, so let me ask you few things.
shall we first get a job and working visa, or first we get working visa and then job and then we move? or we get working visa and when we arrive to australia we search for the job?or to come to australia with tourist visa , to stay for three months and try to get job?? hope i didn't confuse you.

also, what are possibilities for both of us to get job?my husband is chef(cook) and i hold BA in arabic laguage and MA in history and civilization. both of us are fluent in english and greek(he is native greek speaker), and i am native serbian speaker, also speaking arabic.
so , do you have any idea if at least my husband has any chance to get a job? i don't know how is the situation over there with cooks and also with arabic speakers(maybe sth in education), or translating from 2, 3 languages to english and vice versa?

thank you in advance