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Originally Posted by interested View Post

This is a related issue, about my friend's student visa application.

He has lived in Australia for two years on two student visas. Now he is applying for another one, and the course is a sport course with no is a surfing course.

Do you think he has a high chance of being rejected the visa, because of his previous visas and because of the course he is applying for?

Also he is from Brazil which has been highlighted by the government thinks as a place they keep an eye on.

So - if he gets rejected for this visa, will this affect a partner visa...I think Wanderer you said it is not likely but I am just wondering given all of the above information.

I would appreciate any comments, thanks so much!
There is never any great certainty on what may happen with Immi in some cases but if he has abided by his previous student visas and has not had them recinded for lack of study or overstayed, anything like that, then I would be surprised if Immi would reject a further valid visa application.

And by valid, is surfing actually an approved course?

If it is an approved course, Immi would need a good specific reason to reject a visa application and if there was a reason like he is mistaken for a member of a Columbian drug cartel [ just musing ] that would obviously always be on record until esponged.

Just from threads on the forum, there are people from varied countries being partners with Australians and there has even been a Brazillian mentioned in at least one other thread and whilst it may be considered a high risk country in some respects, Immi are not discriminating against Brazillians as far as I know.

Queensland government is currently forging closer trade ties it would seem.