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Originally Posted by psgallag View Post

My name is Patrick and I am a 26 year old american who has been accepted for postgraduate study in Australia and I wanted to ask about visa options. I have been accepted to mba program at the university of western australia (uwa) and the master of business (marketing) program at the university of queensland with commencement in july or august 2010.

After the program, I would like to stay in Australia and work full-time. I have heard the options are either visa 485 (graduate temporary visa) or visa 885 (independence residence visa), however I have heard that there is a 2 year (92 weeks) study requirement and the mba program is only 16 months while the master of business (advanced) program is 20 months.

I wanted to know what international students have done to get around this or what options do I have to get visa 485 or 885. I have around 3 years of media/entertainment/marketing experience.

Any information would be helpful

You may have read Skilled – Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885) Patrick and the 16 months and 92 weeks [ or the latter anyway ] is explained there and whereas Immi recognise that either greater or less time may be spent by some in studying a course that has a particular study time rating, they have set 16 months as the minimum actual study time duration.

In the case of a WA MBA you'll see for Curtin there that Courses Search gives a course of 16 months with a 78 weeks study time rating.

So in effect, if the UWA one is the same, you'll need to find some approved units with a rating of an additional 14 weeks to make up to the 92 or if the Queensland course is rated at 92 [ quite possible if it is for 20 months ], doing that one will give you the required course study figure.

The 885 from the link above is a points assessed visa and the 485 is there as a way for people to get some Australian work experience if that will help them get sufficient points.
There is also the 886 state sponsorship route that can be used for occupations on state lists.

There are also changes on the way re priorities for applications processing that you ought to have a look at - The Ministers Announcement 8 Feb. @ What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration