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Originally Posted by psgallag View Post
So it looks like my uwa mba course actually might fall under the 16 month/78 weeks time frame, so I wanted to know what other options I might have other than taking additional units?

I have also looked into employer sponsorship and I wanted to know how feasible/likely do people get employer sponsorship? what are the options? I will be a graduate of berkeley and an mba from uwa, so i think i could be a good candidate for hire/employer sponsorship.

I am just trying to figure out immigration options before making my decision!
I'm not too sure how big an employment sector media/entertainment/marketing is here but it is certainly not too great and the type of industry that can be a bit more fickle as far as stability in tighter economic times.

What the Oz economics will be in two - three years time is anybody's guess just as the likely global situation is.

No harm in having employer sponsorship as a possibility along with doing extra units or the Queensland course if that gives them.
Maybe learning Mandarin as another but be wary on marketing if heading to China for they haven't taken too kindly to an Aussie now doing a lot of time for some bribery attempt but that related to the resources sector.