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Originally Posted by bmorrice View Post
Hello all,

My girlfriend and I are in the process of preparing our sub class 820 de facto visa application.

We have a few travel documents that we would like to use as evidence such as;

flight confirmations
ferry tickets
car hire confirmations

all of these document have both our names, which is the reason why we want to use them as evidence. The issue i'm thinking we may have is that these are all electronic and have been sent via email.

Would these forms of documentation be valid as evidence solely if they were printed? Or would they need to be certified as well.. If they need to be certified, how does one have effectively an email certified!?
Your travel documents may not be of so much importance to showing a relationship exists but if you want to use original prints that ought to be OK.
I'd give Immi a ring on 131881 and get to talk to someone there and see what they say.