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PMV - widowed parent recently

Hi all,

Sponsor : Me (Australian)
Applicant: Fiance (Cambodian)
Prospective Marriage Visa

We are about to apply for our PMV in a month or so and a question has crossed my mind. My fiances parents were in a car/bike incident a few months back that resulted in her fathers death and mum injured. There has been talks about bringing her mum over to Perth Australia, but from what ive read its like a 13 year waiting list?

She has 4 kids in total im marrying one bringing her over to Brisbane on the PMV, another daughter in Perth permanent resident now, a son in NZ but i think hes moving to perth as well and one daughter in cambodia.

My curiosity is that can I bring her mum over on our PMV? will it be a shorter waiting time period? easier or difficult? if she is allowed to come over can she also live at her other daughter/son home in perth? any one dealt with this before?

She runs a small shoe shop in cambodia and has a home that be sold off. I just feel bad that once i bring her last daughter to Australia she will be alone.

Love to hear from anyone whos dealt with something similar to this.