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Originally Posted by undertaker View Post

Its been over 3 months since i did my medicals & pccs which were requested by CO in Feb,2010 (Skilled -175-Civil Engineer offshore). Till now no response from CO .
I just want to know if anyone received any skilled 175 offshore visas these past couple of weeks or has DIAC reached its Quota's for this year? If so when will the next years quotas start being issued?

Appreciate your responses if anyone has received any visas pls keep updating the time frame thread.

Thanks in advance
Even with all the changes that Immi staff are no doubt involved with to some extent three months does seem a long time from when you were asked to submit medicals/PCCs and I would check with the CO.
Have you been able to check online to see if receipt of the reports has been acknowledged for it is not unknown that medical reports have been known to be misplaced as they go to the medical people before notification to the actual application file.

If all is showing as being received or if not, I would still contact the CO in this instance.

And yes [ for ARC too ]
There are quotas or lets say an annual budget on immigration numbers and it does seem the application numbers have swelled in the latter part of this current financial year, hence one reason for the current suspension but I would not have thought that the annual budget number would have had too great an effect re undertaker's application situation.

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