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Originally Posted by daisy05 View Post
Hello, i thought id share my story.....

I lodged my fully completed visa application within australia to the sydney office....
2 weeks later i got an email from my case officer (i didnt even know i had a case officer yet) requesting additional information (proof of access to medicare OR health insurance, i had my medicare card as i was on a working holiday visa)
I sent off the required info and under 2 weeks later I had an email from them saying my visa had been granted!!!

Just for your information, these are the things i had in my application:
form 147,
form 80
2x form 888
copies of passports (both of us)
police certs from uk and aus
family tree
mine and partners relationship stmt (2 pages each)
Letters from friends and family
lease aggreement
proof we are benefeiciaries on eachothers Super
bank stmts
airplane tickets
purchase of van reciept
reciept for laptop
20 photos

It was very quick, i did put 'decision ready' on the front.
No staples, just one paperclip to hold my passport photo on the front.
I got all the important documents certified by a pharmacist.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me.
I think as long as everything is inlcuded including police checks and form 80, it should be smooth and quick however you just dont know.

Hi daisy
First of all congrats for visa..

Can you please share the dates when you applied and when you got your visa.. ?