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SOL list effects my 485 visa applications

hi there,

I'm studying a 3 years interior designing course currently which was suppose to finish end of last year. But because i need to repeat 2 subjects i have to renew my old student visa which ends on 15 march 2010. So I applied for my new student visa was granted on 18th March 2010 and will ends on 15th of March 2011 next year. Currently I'm doing my last semester at the end of the year before i graduate. Previously, (Interior design it's in the old SOL list as I do not have the full point to apply for PR, I've planned to apply for the 485 visa after i graduate. But with the new SOL list which came out in mid-May Interior Design will not be included in the new SOL list. So, I'm kind of confuse now as some website stated if i have student visa before 8th Feb 2010 i still can apply for the 485 visa. But because i need to renew/reapply for the new visa which is after 8th of Feb can i still be be included in the old SOL list so i can apply for TR to gain my working experience after I've graduate end of this year since I'm an old student. Do anyone know much what can I do or what can be done for my case?? I went to the immi and they ask me call the hotline no but it's always on hold or take forever to get someone to answer my call without much help.

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