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Originally Posted by ninja View Post
Congratulations to everyone who has gotten their grants!

We are now just over 9 months waiting and haven't heard a word from immi.

A question for those more knowledgeable or who have been in the same situation:

Since submitting the application, we are now expecting a baby and it looks like it will probably arrive before the application has been processed. Aside from informing immi of the pregnancy as further evidence of our relationship, will there be any formal requirement to inform immi (ie. notification of change in circumstances or correcting any answers in the application form)?

I'm guessing not, as the baby will be an Australian citizen so doesn't need to be added as a dependent or anything, but wanted to double check as its been a very long time now since I went through all the information with a fine tooth comb, and a baby wasn't really on the cards at the time so I didn't think much on the subject.


We have exactly the same situation.
We found out my partner was pregnant after applied. What I did was just upload some scan photos and put in a PDF document informing some things like due date and etc.
I got the visa approved and bubs still in her belly due in june.
Im sure it didn't change anything about our application it was just another evidence of our commitment and plans for the future.

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