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Originally Posted by Shoeskins View Post
Can someone tell me when you lodged your onshore application..why were you in aus? Work, holiday just trying to figure out if anyone has entered aus on a visior visa how long they decided to lodge their applications.

My husband and my kids are aus and we aRe making the move to aus in august. I have had my applkcation in works for awhile just different things have happened and money not being on our side so couldnt launch earlier. I was going to do it offshore but worried they may not let me enter on a visior visa plus i dong get work rigts so now considering to wait until we arrive to lodge i would have to apply for a regular visitor visa correct?

I am from USA and came here on an ETA Visa, after the first 3 months, we went to Bali to satisfy the leaving the country every 3 months thing. As I was re-entering, the Immigration person told me I am obviously here to be with my partner and I should apply for a tourist visa because each 3 months I leave it will be harder and harder to get back in if at all. I said well thats the only visa I was allowed to get at the time. So I applied for the Visitor Visa and shot for 12 months, because they will give you however long they think you should be allowed to be here anyways, so I went for the big guns. I figured I'd only get 6 months, since I had just finished my 5th month here anyways. They granted me the full year ( I am guessing cause my partner can financially support me and im from low risk country)

This was long enough for me to satisfy the 12 months living together, and I was actually honest in my application for visitor that I planned on applying for the partner visa before that one was up but I wanted to not be seperate from my partner and he can care for me and he has a house and everything here, so it makes more sense for us to be in Australia. They granted it next morning, no questions asked. So I applied for the partner visa after a total of 12 months being here. Lots say dont say that you are living in Australia on a visitor visa but I was honest with them, because even if they had told me no, we'd of just went to the USA until.
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