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Lightbulb Getting a job in Australia Is Hard

This is for those people waiting on visas 309 Spouse, 300 Fiance and other family stream.

Getting a job in Australia is very difficult so for those of you waiting for their visa I would like to suggest that instead of waiting till you arrive in Australia to look for work that you undertake to find employement BEFORE arriving.

Firstly, you need to take a look at your qualifications and research if they will be accepted in Australia or you need to have them verified/certified here. The immi site is a good place to start. I mention this because I had no idea that even the most basic of trades need to be Australian Certified and all this takes time when you arrive so some prior planning will ease your transition.

If you english skills are not good then perhaps brushing up on that BEFORE you arrive is a good idea.

For those waiting here for their respective Spouse, Partner, Fiance then instead of wasting hours (like I did) consider the fact that if your partner cannot find work for a month or 2 or 3 or even a year then how is that going to affect your standard of living ?

Yes love is grand and 2 can live as cheaply as 1 and all that lovely stuff
but in practical terms can make for financially hard going............
Time is too long for those who wait........