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Originally Posted by brill View Post
Hi all,
i am new to this forum.
I am a mbbs doctor,having 15+ years experience,have brother pr status in austraila .how can i apply ,in which category ,fees and all process?how much time does it take to recieve visa stamped?
Kindly guide me step by step.
Waiting for prompt reply.
If you have a look at info starting with Working in Australia as a Doctor - Doctors and Nurses - Workers - Visas & Immigration you'll see the options of employer sponsorship and independent visas.
Ignore the reference to the 422 visa for that one is being discontinued.

There is also a temporary suspension in place for the moment on the independent 175/176 visas, possibly to be lifted by end of the month and there is more you can address in the meantime re being approved and registered.

You'll see a link to a doctorconnect page and that has references to getting approved and registered for practice in Australia.

So follow all the links and you'll see what needs to be done.