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Originally Posted by sr786 View Post
June 5, 2010 - Recent comments by the Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC), in presentations to Australian immigration lawyers and registered migration agents, indicated that State Sponsored applications lodged prior to 1 July 2010 are likely to be given low priority.

It has been suggested that under the new priority processing guidelines (expected to be released from 1 July 2010), State Sponsored applications lodged prior to 1 July 2010, may be ranked as low as Priority Level 4, behind: Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), State Migration Plans and
According to recent reports:

Skilled Independent applications on the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL). Priority level 4 applications have previously experienced significant processing delays.

It is anticipated that State Migration Plan sponsorships will continue to attract very high priority under the new processing guidelines, while applicants sponsored by States under arrangements in place prior to 1 July 2010 will not attract the same priority level. If this occurs, Applicants who lodged an application prior to 1 July 2010 may wish to consider if they can lodge a new application after 1 July 2010 to have their application processed more quickly.
What the application of priorities will be has been very clear since 08February when it was announced:

It will not be surprising to find that many occupations of state sponsorship lists will now be on their State Migration Plan lists and I have commented previously on how one of the reasons that SMPs are yet to be released is that states are perhaps even wrestling or more so partaking of mental gymnastics with the concept of needing a sponsorship list as well as a State Migration Plan and it would not surprise me to see something of a merging.

It does not need to be anticipated that a SMP occupation will have higher priority than a sponsorship for that is policy and it is yet to be known whether a SMP occupation will in fact need sponsorship.

It could yet be the case that a sponsorship application with an occupation on a SMP of the state that sponsored will be accorded the SMP higher priority and if the states have been fair dinkum re their previous sponsorship lists, that ought to be all occupations on the sponsorship list become SMP.

That though will also then raise the question of points required and so it is also something that Immi need to grapple for you could not really have a situation where
. someone with an occupation under sponsorship [ with 100 points ] was to be accorded the same priority as someone with same occupation on a SMP if 120 points is the required level.

So yes, an interesting thought process the state bureaucrats need to accomplish or have hopefully already accomplished in conjunction with Immi.

That immigrations lawyers/agents have not asked of what is more pertinent does also to me explain something.

The only advantage of a sponsorship may remain that there will be a lesser ammount of points required [ something that the SMPs may be inadvertently or otherwise nipping in the bud ] or where off list nominations may be felt warranted as there has been provision for with sponsorship.

And Usman
It is really impossible to predict any outcome on individual applications at the moment other than that we know new applications are not being considered.

Think of a meeting of the Indian nations you may have seen if ever watching an earlier western movie:
All the different tribes [ states in this case ] will have their teepees erected in groups and the host tribe [ Immi ] has called a council of the Chiefs.
All the Chiefs [ immi and State bigwigs ] are sitting about the campfire, smoking their pipes with smoke blowing this way and that, maybe some shedding a tear for smoke in their eyes.
And meanwhile all the Indian warriors are milling about in the background waiting for the Chiefs to make hopefully wise decisions.

And then of course you could have the Cavalry scouts [ lawyers and agents ] out spying with binoculars to hope to determine something but it is very hard for them to lip read from a distance [ that's if they can see through the smoke ].
So then a group from the council decides to ride out with a white flag to have a pow wow with the Cavalry and one problem with this Cavalry is that they are more like marauding bands of guerilla fighters with their leaders less authoritive and the maurauders all having different views to some extent, perhaps the one in common being what's in it for them!

One thing for sure is that we'll all know what is to happen when the smoke clears.

Until that happens, I'll lock this thread, maybe merge it with the SOL questions sticky.