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Relationship timeline. Need advice please


So me and my partner are applying for the 820 visa. We have got alot of evidence together and are just adding more and more. We have done a relationship timeline on powerpoint which shows our whole relationship together and shows alot of evidence like:

Periods of Seperation and how we kept in contact
Significant events in the relationship
Joint Activities
How the relationship developed
How and where we first met
Going out together, friends and acquaintances in common
Proof of joint travel
Letters and phone bills/ records that show you have been in contact when apart.

This evidence is all backed up with photos and screenshots of calls, messages and tickets.

Im just wondering if this a good idea and want a second opinion just incase as this file will probably be 10-15mb and will have to be split into 3 uploads.

Also this isnt our only evidence this is just our evidence for those points ive listed. We have evidence for all of the other points on the checklist just not as a timeline.


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