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Originally Posted by C4M19 View Post
Hi Mania,

What is the main format they want? Word documents?

Its actually image rich and evidence rich, it has photos of us, also has a alot of joint travel images (scans and photos of boarding tickets, flights booked) it also has alot of chat and call/history screenshots to show our periods of separation.

How should i set this points out?

1. Should I do a written timeline for periods of separation and then evidence on the next page of a few screenshots of messages and calls? im not really sure how thorough they want us to be with the evidence as the timeline that we have created shows pretty much every month of our relationship.

2. Joint travel - just a word document of a written timeline with evidence on the next page again.

3. Significant events in the relationship - same again with a written timeline with evidence on the next page again.

4. Joint activities - Just a list of activities we do on a word document and evidence like photos of us doing those activities together on the next

5. How and when we first met - Brief explanation on word doc on how we first met and then evidence like flight tickets and photos of us showing travel to the place we met on the next page.

Would this be a better and simpler way?

I did photo and timeline in a 3-4 page pdf using MS Publisher as a magazine style layout... could be read in a few minutes. 1-4 pics per page and short paragraphs describing how we met, development of relationship, family and friends, etc. I uploaded evidences (flight tickets, hotels, etc) separate in the appropriate categories for them to see (So a file named "Family holidays 2016" and put flights, hotels, tickets from things we did on holiday, etc all in one file. A "shared finances" file would have the first page of our rental lease, joint bank accounts, joint mobile phone bill, joint car insurance, and so on all in one.) This makes it easy to tick the appropriate categories as a CO going through your file and being able to easily find those items again if needed.

I wouldn't recommend combining all of the evidences from different evidence categories into one file. The photo and written timeline could be one but hard evidence like chat logs, joint finance, proof of traveling together, etc should go in their own files.