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WHV visa work more than 6 mths

I am currently on WHV and my company is trying to sponsor me on 457 visa. However, HR and I couldn’t agree on how long I can work beyond 6 months after lodging 457 visa. And for that reason, they are not lodging the visa now

On form 1445, it mentioned if you lodge the 457, you can apply for extention, but only for weeks, not months.

However, I found the following law terms and it mentioned that WHV 6months limitation can be extended till 457 is approved.

Have someone gone through this before? Could you please share with me your experience? How long can the 6 months be extended?

I tried to contact the WHV for a confirmation but no reply yet, does anyone know the contact info for 457 visa office? Couldn’t find it online
Thanks a million for your help in advance. I am a bit frustrated now

Thanks for reading, have a good one.

Law terms:
Applicants for visas that allow ongoing employment
TZ-417 or US-462 visa holders who have applied in Australia for a visa that would allow them to continue full time work with the same employer without having to leave Australia at the time of grant (for example, UC-457, UK-820,EN-186 or RN-187), should be given an employment extension for the estimated time of processing that visa. The decision should be worded in the following terms “from X date until a decision has been made on your <visa subclass> application or until your TZ-417 or US-462 visa expires, whichever is earlier.”
If the visa applicant’s substantive visa ceases while the application is being processed refer to Condition 8547 and bridging visas