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Originally Posted by Katherine View Post
@ Skydancer -
i guess the 12 month visa won't be an option then because money is a bit of a problem.. and most courses are way too expensive.. and apparently hospitality is not on the skilled list.. so i'm now a little confused on what i should do.
It's alright.. we'll find a way.
Thanks for your reply

@ Wanderer -
i was under the impression that hospitality was on the list..
i've had a look at it before but i can't seem to find the list anywhere now. If you know where the list of courses which will make a person highly skilled is.. it would be a great help if you could send me a link to that.

if the 12 month tourist visa is impossible... is it possible for him to apply for a tourist visa and continue extending it or will it always have a no further stay condition applied?
You may find some hospitality courses available and if you follow the Student visa section through you'll find under eligibility a link to CRICOS which has the listing of approved courses.
My reference to hospitality was more because it'll still be a significant expense for just six months and not a qualification at the end that'll do anything in regard to someone having a chance to stay here.
For skilled visas eligibility, processing priorities and the SOL have a look via Professionals and other Skilled Migrants - Workers - Visas & Immigration and the What's New link.
Any tourist visa will likely have a No Further Stay condition on it and as Sky Dancer indicates, the chances of one being granted are very slim.