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Partner Visa

Hi All

Iím sure you get tired if these posts but help is appreciated.

I have lived overseas for 10 years now. Had relationships on and off. Met my partner in 2014 in Vietnam. Was with another person at this stage (do I mention this in history). I moved to China in 2014, my partner moved to China 5 months later.

We have registered our relationship since 2015. We count the day. Of formal dating as day he moved to China. My issue is with the following:

1. Joint bank etc. not possible in China. We have seperate banks have evidence of sending money but not whole relationship.
2. Who keeps messages haha so I donít have messages from whole time.
3. My work pays my rent so even Iím not on lease however they will give a letter saying he lives with me.
4. My FB was ya odd so we lost years of this. However I have photos from first day of being in China.
5. We take about 7 overseas holidays a year together and have ample photos.
6 has been on 3 holidays with my family and as I type this we are in sunny Brizzy for Xmas ( this is the first trip)
7. MY colleagues will write a statement that we together.

What other evidence should we have? Iím concerned that we donít have enough? Oh we are also about to get married this year but will take place after we submit visa.

We wonít migrate to aus permanently until we have the visa. And even then it might be a year. Any help appreciated.