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Originally Posted by Eh? View Post
So, we can use the statutory declarations we've got from our family and friends in Australia. However, we didn't ask them to make color copies of their passports and have them witnessed and verified.
My sister did one of our 888's and she provided a b&w certified copy of her passport. My brother did the other one and he only provided a clear colour scan of his passport (not certified). If they don't ask applicant and sponsor ID documents to be certified as long as they are clear colour scans then I don't see why they would ask it of people who fill out the 888's. (FYI this was sufficient for my husband's visa to be approved).
We've recently become engaged - We are going to notify the department of this in our application. We are engaged, but obviously not applying for a PMV s/c 300 visa. Is it safe to just include this in the history and development of our relationship as well as our mutual commitment to each other?
Can't imagine this being a problem.

My other area of concern is the statements we've included in most evidence groups. After reading them over and over, I can't help but feel they're almost too formal. We've written them in the third person and it reads more like a legal document than it does the story of our relationship. Could this potentially be a problem for us?
You don't want it to sound like a shopping list. And you don't want to it to be too sentimental. My suggestion is have a happy middle. Talk about your relationship and how it developed (in the first person), mentioning any significant events that led to the progression of the relationship.

Photos - do my fiancee and I need to include recent passport photos as well? Or was that just something for the old paper applications?
Passport photo is required of applicant, not sponsor.
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