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Originally Posted by plantronics View Post
Hi. I got married 2.5 years ago and up till now still using my maiden name. As we all know in the PH we use our mother's maiden name as our middle name.

Now I would like to use my husband's surname. My concern is, can I use my surname (father's surname) as my middle name?

Ex. Mikaela(my name)
Soberano(mother's maiden name)
Lopez(father's last name)

Husband's last name: Smith

So my name should be : Mikaela Lopez Smith

*names are example only.

Thanks in advance.
There appears to be two ways to do this.

1: Do an official name change at the State BDM
2: Change your Philippine passport, to the married name according to Philippine law, and then use the new passport to do all name changes in Australia, Tax, Centrelink, Immigration, Banks, etc.

We asked the BDM if it can just be done the Philippine way, but they said only by doing the official name change through them, at a cost.

This was their reply to us on the subject:
Any woman who marries may choose to assume their spouseís surname. This is done as a matter of custom and not of law. A certificate of marriage issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages should be sufficient evidence to have personal documentation changed to a married surname.

If you only wish to take on your husbandís surname, you will need your marriage certificate issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. It is up to the individual to establish that their name has been changed. This can be achieved by taking the registered certificate to each organisation e.g. Queensland Transport, Passport Office, Australian Taxation Office, Electoral Commission, Banks, Phone Service Provider, Council, Medicare etc. (in some cases they may accept certified photocopy).

If the bride wishes to take on a name other than the husbandís surname after marriage, you will need to talk to the organisation that you need to update your details with about the documents they will accept for the name change. If you are advised by the organisation processing the name change that you require a Change of Name Certificate, you will need to apply for a Change of Name.

For information on how to apply, including fees, timeframes and lodgement options, please see the following link:
We are looking at the passport route, but that means a new passport and a trip to Sydney or Canberra...
The Philippines Consulate in Brisbane says:
The Brisbane Consulate is unable to assist with Passport Renewals or New Passports.
For passport renewals you must personally visit the Philippine Embassy in Canberra or the Philippine Consulate in Sydney or wait for the next Mobile Mission in Brisbane later this year.
The schedule for 2018 is still being finalized. Please visit the Philippine Embassy website for the announcement of the schedule.
Visa Route: 600/300/600/820/801
PMV to PR 44 months.
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