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Originally Posted by Qween View Post
Hi everyone!

Onwards and Upwards... still celebrating my grant!!

It has been a very looong wait but i'm over the moon at the moment. I have been granted the 820 visa. I'm in Melbourne, partner Aussie & am African...HIGH risk country. Visa lodged onshore and migration lawyer lodged on my behalf. Below is my timeline:

26/06/2016 - Application lodged online with ALL the evidence documents in the checklist minus medical assessment.

***From then, no other documents updated to my application*** until,

20/03/2017- submitted evidence of overseas travel, plus photos of my partner and i with my family.

**No other documents submitted until...

8/01/2018 - Department requests more information indicating i need to submit evidence under the 4 main categories of the checklist i.e. nature of relationship, financial and social aspects..etc..

**Submitted within 3 weeks and then back to WAITING..... Again...

19/02/2018- Department requests for me to undergo medical assessment

*** Couldn't find an earlier date, so on...

24/02/2018 - Went for my medical assessment- (took me 45 mins to complete the 3 checks..WOW! so quick and organised)

And finally the email I have been waiting for...on

27/02/2018 - Notification of 820 Grant - came from Melbourne.

In total it's been 20 months and 1 day of WAITING and unsure of my future in Australia.Now I'm so excited, overwhelmed and thankful.

My Advice: Keep updating the department through uploading more documents (i.e. recent evidence) as soon as you get them. For my case we had evidence since lodging in 2016 but we didn't submit until we were asked in 2018. It would have saved us the hassle and stress of providing the documents on the checklist (already previously submitted in 2016) to prove that our relationship is ongoing. HOWEVER.. every case is different, this may not apply to you. I am providing THIS ADVICE as to how i think may have turned around my case. However i think it was up to the CO to decide on what documents they saw fit to proceed processing MY case!

All the best everyone who has lodged or waiting for the outcome..

Now onto the next stage 2 permanent visa 801 to apply in June 2018.

Hope this detailed timeline helps someone!
Congrats on your successful application!

I am currently on Bridging Visa (class WC), applying for Partner (Temporary) (class UK) Partner (subclass 820) visa - I lodged all my documents on 26 Jan 2018 and have been waiting since then.

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