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Smile Hello Mark hope this message finds you well

Hello Mark,

How are you? Hope this message somehow finds you well and sorry that this message is so long

I would like to ask you if you could please try to asses my situation on how to apply for partner visas 820/801 onshore and maybe some tips on it on our situation?

Something about us:
- I am a Australian citizen (Born in Australia) and living in Czech Republic for the past 15 or so years.
- I married a women (Czech citizen) here in Czech Republic (married now for 1year)
- We have been together for 2years and 2months now.
- We have a lovely baby daughter together 9months old now.
- I requested overseas to the UK office "citizenship by descent" last month (still waiting for it to be approved).

- We are planning (all three of us at the same time) to move to Australia in August this year. My wife will be flying on tourist visa and I will try not to get “NFS” on her visa. Then we will look for the tickets and buy them.
- We will be living at my brothers place till we manage to find and rent a house. Once we will settle in we will apply for the partner visa 820/801.
- Once in Australia we will get 2x form 888 done by friends/family and also before leaving Czech Rep. we will get a couple of declarations from friend in similar format as the form 888 in English and officially notorized by the Czech office.
-Police certification will be done before we fly off.

- I need to validate things regarding translation of our documents in Czech language. I have a translator that is a court translator and interpreter of Czech Republic, do you think that if I were to get all our personal documents translated by her that the Australian office would accept our translation? The thing is that it would be cheaper for us… Its a official translation but it doesn’t have the apostle stamp.
- We have 2 bank accounts, we jointed each other to both of them. We have 2 papers stating that we are administrators of each account, will they need translating or not?
- Our landlord that we are renting a flat from will write a declaration in English that we are renting the place together as a family and that we have bills like (electrition, gas, TV and internet that we are paying for) also one thing is that we both have a ID card and on both we have the same permeant address at my parents house as here in Czech its not normal that when renting a flat that you have your permeant address at the place where you rent, we are using the permeant address for postal usage only. Is this going to be a issue?
-Regarding all other additional documents for example: Tv and internet contract, cars insurance we have both to the same permeant address, joint mobil accounts, do they have to be also translated or are the names and permeant address enough?
-Things that we buy are usually paid by card or online payment so if I make a PDF were there will be a screenshot of the payment + photo of the thing we bough, should that be enough as evidence regarding the financial aspect?
- Regarding tickets that we will be buying: my daughter and I will be flying on oneway tickets but is it possible for my wife which will have tourist visa, buy a oneway ticket also?

This is all that I could think from the top of my head thank you so much for any help and tips that you could provide us!!! Wish you a great day and will be looking forward to your reply if you will have the time and patience