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Withdrawn Myself from Visa Application.

Morning Mark,

I have recently withdrawn myself from my ex-partners 820 application (she is on the bridging visa at the moment). We have been separated for a year but I only recently withdrew myself as I had not even thought about it.

I am no longer amicable with my ex, I let her know I had withdrawn myself from the application and she was not pleased. It does not look like she is willing to cooperate with me and fully withdraw the application.

I have spoken to a lawyer and she said that my ex needs to withdraw the application or I could have the 5 year ban imposed on me as the visa will be 'refused' rather than 'withdrawn'.

To make it a bit more complicated I am in a relationship now with a women from overseas so a 5 year ban could pose a problem going forward.

So my questions are:

Will immigration get in touch with my ex letting her know about my withdrawal and she will be given notice to either vacate Aus (within 28 days) or have to look at an alternative visa? (student etc...)


If she does not withdraw the app do they just let it play out with the normal waiting time-frame and then refuse it later?

Am I at risk of being imposed with the 5 year sponsorship ban?

Is there a way to have the application withdrawn without her consent if she is refusing to cooperate?

Thankyou very much in advance Mark,